Jumperband resistance

With Jumperband resistance you can extend your therapy against your injury. We have compiled exercises with Jumperband resistance for the effective treatment of patellar tendinitis, tennis elbow, runner's knee and for rehabilitation after knee surgery.

Patellar tendinitis

Exercise 1: Wall Sit

Wall Sit, Übungen bei Patellaspitzensyndrom

The starting and ending position is the wall sit. The JB resistance sits between the legs directly above the knees. The thighs are 90° to the wall and the lower legs are 90° to the floor. The legs are parallel and under tension. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds and perform in three sets.

Exercise 2: Squat Walk

The starting position is a squat. The legs are parallel and the JB resists sit between the legs directly under the knees and the back is straight. Remain in this position for 3 lowers and then take 2 steps forward and return to the squat position with the third step. Hold this position for 3 seconds and then return 3 steps backwards to the original position. Hold this position again for 3 seconds and repeat. Then straighten up and take a short break. So in one exercise go forward 2 times and go back twice.
Perform this exercise in three sets.


Tennis ellbow

Exercise 1: One-arm rowing

The starting position is the lunge with the back knee resting on the floor. The back is straight. The JB resistance is tied under the foot and held in the hand on the same side. Now pull the band to tension with a rowing motion and hold the tension for a few seconds. Repeat 12 times in three sets.

Exercise 2: Wrist Pull

Start in a kneeling position. The JB resistance is tightened under the knee and held in the hand on the same side. The back of the hand points upwards. The band is held at medium tension. Then increase the tension with an upward movement of the wrist. Hold this position for a few seconds. The rest of the arm does not move, only the wrist works. Repeat the whole exercise 12 times in three sets.

Runner's knee

Exercise 1: Clamshell

Übungen beim Läuferknie
In a lying on the side position with the knees bent 90°, the JB resistance is placed around the legs directly above the knees. Now the upper knee is raised and lowered by rotating it in the hip joint against the resistance of the band. The heels remain in contact throughout the exercise. Repeat 12 times in three sets.

Exercise 2: ITB Strech

Dehnung bei Läuferknie

Start in an upright sitting position. Wrap the JB resistance around your foot. Hold the other end of the band. Lie on your back. Actively lift the leg with the band. Lower it over the extended leg towards the floor. By increasing the tension on the band you can intensify the stretch.

After knee surgery (also suitable for runner's knee)

Exercise 1: Lateral leg raise
Übungen mit resistance Band

In standing position with knees slightly bent, place the JB resistance around the thighs. Lift one foot off the floor. Move the stretched leg to the side. Move the leg back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 12 times in three sets.

Exercise 2: Site Walks
Übungen mit resistance Band nach Knieoperationen
The starting position is again a standing position with the knees slightly bent. Tighten the JB resistance around the thighs. Move 2 steps to the side and then 2 steps to the other side. Perform the exercise 5 times and in three sets.

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