Exercises focused on the jumper's knee

Special exercises for independent treatment at home are a useful supplement for jumper´s knee. For an optimal treatment effect, a 15-minute training session daily is sufficient. Since the exercises can be painful at the beginning, it is recommended to wear your Jumperband during the execution. For effective training, a combination of mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises is recommended.

For the strengthening exercises we recommend two to three sets of 15 repetitions each. However, this can also be adapted individually. 

Exercise 1: Stretching of the quadricep

Start position is a lunge, with the back knee down. Now grasp the ankle of the back leg with both hands and pull the foot towards the buttocks.The upper body remains straight and the hips are stretched as much as possible.

Hold this position twice per side for 30 seconds.

Exercise 2: Squat with holding exercise

The starting position is a shoulder-wide stand, the feet are as parallel as possible. Now slowly bend over, keeping the heels on the ground until a 90° angle between upper and lower leg is reached. Hold this position for four seconds and then return explosively to the starting position. The back remains straight throughout the entire execution.

Repeat the squat 15 times and perform in three sets.

Exercise 3: Lunge with stabilization exercise

Start position is a large step position in which both feet are pointing forward and the rear heel is raised. The knee with the complaints and the jumper strap is in front. Now bend both legs so that the upper and lower leg of the front leg form a 90° angle and the knee of the back leg is just above the ground. Then push the front knee slightly forward by about ten centimeters and hold it for two seconds. The back knee remains just above the floor. Then briefly push it back to the previous position and then press it up powerfully.

Repeat the exercise 15 times in two rounds.