Exercises focused on the runner's knee

In the case of the runner's knee, special exercises for independent treatment at home are a useful addition. For an optimal treatment effect, a 15-minute training session daily is sufficient. For effective training, a combination of fascial training, stretching and strengthening exercises is recommended.

Exercise 1: Fascia training with fascia roll

In the starting position, lie with the outside of your thigh on the fascia roll in the lateral forearm support so that it is in the middle of your thigh. Now push and pull your body back and forth with your arm on the roll so that it rolls along your iliotibial ligament and the muscles on the outside of your thigh. If it is too painful at first, you can also raise your upper leg to reduce the weight on the fascial roll.

Repeat the whole procedure for 2-3 minutes.

Exercise 2: Stretching with external rotation

The starting position is a kneeling position with a 90° angled front leg and a straightened upper body. Now turn the affected leg outwards and tilt the upper body so that the outer thigh muscle is stretched.

Hold this position twice for 30 seconds.

Exercise 3: Lateral bridge

The starting position is a lateral forearm support. The entire body is in the air and rests only on the forearm and the outside of the foot on the ground. The legs are closed and the body forms a straight line. Now put on the upper leg and upper arm and hold it for four seconds. Then return to the starting position and after four seconds lift the arm and leg again for four seconds.

Repeat this 10 times for both sides in 2 passes.