Exercises focused on the tennis elbow

In the case of tennis elbow, special exercises for independent treatment at home are a useful addition. For an optimal treatment effect, a 15-minute training session daily is sufficient. Since the exercises can be painful at the beginning, it is recommended to wear your Jumperband during the execution. For effective training, a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises is recommended.

Exercise 1: Wringing out

Übungen für Tennisarm, Golferarm, Epicondylitis

For wringing out a special training rod (Flexibar) or simply a towel is suitable. Simply wring out the Flexibar or towel in both directions to the maximum.

Do this exercise slowly and repeat at least 10 times.


Exercise 2: Stretch the extensor muscles of the forearm.

Training beim Tennisarm, Golferarm, Epicondylitis

When stretching, let the affected arm hang loosely and bend the wrist outwards or inwards. Stretch with the healthy hand in the direction of the forearm.

Hold this position twice per side for 30 seconds.


Exercise 3: Eccentric exercises for the forearm extensor

Therapie beim Tennisarm, Golferarm, Epicondylitis

For the exercise you need a weight, like a dumbbell or a water bottle. In the starting position the arm is stretched and the weight is in the hand. Now very slowly lower your wrist with the weight. Important: when lifting up again support the affected hand with the healthy side. Because it is not about lifting, but about eccentricity.

Repeat the whole procedure 15 times. The weight can be increased in the course of the weeks.


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