• Basketballer mit Patellaspitzensyndrom und Jumperband

    Jumperband for tendon disorders and knee problems

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Physiotherapeut empfiehlt Jumperband
Sportwissenschaftler empfiehlt Jumperband
Sportphysiotherapeut empfiehlt Jumperband

Learn about your injury

Jumperband helps, among other things, with jumper´s knee, tennis elbow and runner's knee. By applying pressure to the tendon, subjective pain and instability can be relieved or even completely removed. In combination with special exercises, a guarantee for pain-free sporting activities.

Our promise

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We offer besides PayPal and Klarna various payment methods and you enjoy full buyer protection.

🚚 Cheap europe-wide delivery

We ship our Jumperbands within the EU for 1,90€. Shipping to non-EU countries costs 3,95 €.

📧 Customer service

Our customer support is there to help you with every matter. We will answer you within 12 hours: info@jumperband.de

🔄 Returns

If you are not satisfied with the size of your Jumperband, you are welcome to return it to us and we will exchange it for another size.

✔️ Warranty

We give a 6-month warranty on all Jumperbands. In case of a warranty claim you will receive a free replacement band.


Train with Jumperband to get a long-term control of the pain. The exercises are specially adapted to jumper's knee, tennis elbow and runner's knee. There is also a small selection of exercises for rehabilitation after knee surgery.

Pflege für Jumperband

Jumperband Powder

Care for your Jumperband with the Jumperband Powder. Extends the usability of the Jumperband and makes it easier to put on and take off.


Can be used in any sport

For professional and amateur athletes, job, everyday life, weight training and therapy.

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