Other injuries

Listed here are other, more rare injuries and our associated treatment recommendations where Jumperband can relieve pain, provide stability and assist in the healing process: 

Osgood-Schlatter's disease / Rugby Knee

Morbus Osgood-Schlatter, Rugby Knee

Osgood-Schlatter's disease is a painful irritation of the lower attachment of the patellar tendon above the anterior tibia. Similar to patellar tendinopathy, it is thought to be caused by exercise-related overuse. Osgood-Schlatter disease often occurs during puberty, when leg growth is accelerated. Well-developed muscles around the knee help get rid of the irritation in the long run. An additional exercise programme is definitely recommended. In sports and therapy, Jumperband relieves pain. We recommend the classic Jumperband for rugby knee.

Patella Luxation

Patella luxation is when the kneecap (patella) "pops out" (dislocates). Patella Luxation, Bouncing out of the kneecapIn this knee joint injury, the kneecap jumps out of its guide. This can damage the bones, cartilage and ligaments. Often the dislocated kneecap slides back into place, but rarely does it remain on the outside of the knee joint after it has popped out. After a dislocation, the patella is more unstable and may pop out again. To prevent this and to prevent it from popping out again, we recommend the Jumperband comfort. It offers safety and stability during sports. Of course, you should not rely on it alone, but prepare yourself in advance for larger sporting activities with strength and stabilisation exercises.


Quadriceps tendinophathy

Quadriceps tendinophathy, quadriceps tendinophathy, inflammation of the quadriceps tendon, inflammation of the quadriceps tendon

Quadriceps tendinophathy, like patellar tendinopathy, is a chronic overuse condition. But here the inflammation is not at the tip of the patellar tendon, but at the upper attachment to the quadriceps. As with all other overuse disorders, the irritation can be controlled in the long term with continuous strength and mobilisation training. For sports and therapy, we recommend the Jumperband run for quadriceps tendinophathy, which exerts pressure on the tendon and thus relieves the inflamed attachment, thus alleviating the pain.


Shin splints

Shin splints, medial tibial stress syndrome, shin inflammation, pain in the shin bone

Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) is a chronic injury triggered by overuse. The painful condition occurs as a painful sensation in the shins, especially with prolonged strain. To get rid of the pain in the long term, we recommend daily strength training for the calf and shin muscles. One-leg calf raises, for example, are particularly suitable for this. For jogging, everyday life, sports and therapy, we also recommend the classic Jumperband, which relieves pain during exertion and everyday life.


Golfer's elbow

Golfer's elbow, like tennis elbow, is an overuse disease of the arm Golfer's elbow, epicondylitis humeri ulnaris, epicondylitis humeri medialis, tennis elbow tendon. Typical of golfer's elbow is pain on the inside of the elbow, unlike tennis elbow where the pain is on the outside of the elbow. This is not unique to golfers, but is much more commonly triggered by certain occupational and everyday activities. We recommend a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises to get rid of the pain in the long term and the classic Jumperband or the JB comfort in everyday life, under stress and in therapy.


Inflammation of the distal biceps tendon

Inflammation of the distal biceps tendon, biceps inflammation

Irritation of the distal biceps tendon, which attaches to the elbow, is caused by unusual strain or chronic overuse. For pain in everyday life, during sports or therapy, we recommend the classic Jumperband and additional strengthening and stretching exercises for the biceps.

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