Jumperband comfort

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Product Description

  • Jumperband comfort is even more comfortable to wear and is suitable for wearing over longer periods of time
  • For stabilisation after major knee injuries such as cruciate ligament / meniscus / torn inner or outer ligament
  • Recommended also for running and cycling, for work or everyday life in case of jumper's knee or tennis elbow
  • The elastic material makes it more comfortable to wear during sports, at work and in everyday life than other bandages
  • For optimal reusability, it is recommended to wash the band after wearing it and powder it with Jumperband Powder
  • Dimensions: 7 cm wide, 1 mm thick, 22 – 30 cm circumference
  • Material: 100% natural latex *
  • For the correct size, measure the leg circumference directly below the knee/arm circumference directly below the crook of the arm with the leg/arm slightly bent. The size chart is at the bottom of the product photos.
  • At the front, the band should lie directly over the patellar tendon, behind the back of the knee to ensure optimal effect and freedom of movement
  • Applying the Jumperband

*Not recommended for latex allergy (about 2% of the population)